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Car wash steps of steam car washer

The steam car washer has won the favor of customers with its simple structure, large-capacity compartment and numerous internal functions. How much water and equipment it can hold, how many cars can be washed by the battery capacity, the performance of the built-in car washer and other equipment determine the user to provide car washing. The quality and efficiency of the service. The size of the motor determines the mobile performance of the mobile car washer. It is equipped with a cold water car washer, a micro-water car washer, a large-capacity water tank, an air pump, a vacuum cleaner, a polishing and waxing machine and many other car cleaning and beauty tools.

Simple electronic control, clean and tidy design, stable and reliable, easy to maintain and convenient, multiple safety devices, control device functions include insufficient water or gas, pressure and temperature exceeding the set safe range, will automatically stop the equipment operation, built-in safety gas valve, Prevent gas leakage. Built-in pressure light, temperature light, etc., digital power display, pressure display, working status is clear at a glance. The product is equipped with four shock-absorbing casters to avoid damage to the machine when pushing, built-in power supply, built-in water tank, built-in gas tank, easy to move, adjustable pressure, adjustable flame, adjustable dry and wet, and wash the car at any time. The exterior interior can be handled. Functionally equipped with a micro-water system for surface wetting, waxing, foaming, etc. Built-in car cigarette lighter socket, which can be directly connected to various car beauty tools such as car vacuum cleaners, waxing and polishing machines, air pumps, etc., quickly establish belonging own mobile car washing service center.

Diesel heating steam pressure washer DS17A / DS17C

1. The car washing steps of the steam car washing machine are:
1. The large particles of sand on the surface of the car body will scratch the paint, so first use a steam spray gun to aim the car body and rinse it from top to bottom to wash off the large particles of sand on the surface of the car body.
2. For vehicles whose dirt is not easy to wash away, the whole vehicle can be sprayed with a no-scrub car wash diluent. The composition has a sediment relaxant. The active agent waits for 1 to 3 minutes to dissolve.
3. After the large area of silt has been washed away, start the fine washing. Workers can spray steam with the right hand, and follow the steam spray gun with a dry rag in the left hand, so that the stubborn sludge in the newly sprayed part will be decomposed by the high temperature and high pressure steam. , The remaining stains can be wiped off with a light wipe with a dry cloth.
Some faults and solutions frequently encountered in steam car washers:
1. Abnormal screams occur during operation
The main reason for this phenomenon is the lack of oil in the motor bearings. This is because we need to inject ordinary grease into the oil injection hole of the motor in time. This phenomenon does not happen much. We usually supplement the high-pressure cleaner during regular maintenance. That's it.
2, the pressure is unstable
The unstable pressure is mainly caused by the high-pressure water pump or the intake of air in the water pipe. At this time, it is necessary to check whether the pressure of the water source is sufficient and whether the water inlet filter is blocked. If the water inlet filter is found to be clogged, remove the filter. Just wash with water.
3, the pressure drops after a period of operation
The pressure of the high-pressure washer will decrease after a period of operation. This phenomenon must first check whether the high-pressure nozzles of the washer are severely worn. The high-pressure nozzles of ordinary pressure equipment basically do not appear to wear, because the high-pressure nozzles we have equipped are all Has been heat treated. The high-pressure nozzle of high-pressure equipment is difficult to guarantee. Secondly, it is necessary to check the sealing components inside the pressure regulating valve and the water pump respectively.
4. The high-pressure water pump has abnormal noise
The abnormal noise of the high-pressure water pump is due to air being sucked in the water pump, or the spring of the flow valve is damaged or the crankcase bearing is damaged.
5. Oil leakage at the bottom of the high-pressure water pump
The oil leakage at the bottom of the high-pressure water pump is due to the damage of the oil seal in the pump, which requires us to replace it in time. When the high-pressure water pump is running, the crankshaft and connecting rod are constantly moving back and forth. At this time, it is necessary to rely on oil for lubrication and cooling. The high-pressure water pump must not lack lubricating oil.
6, the pressure of the pressure regulating valve is normal but the high-pressure water gun does not produce water
During use, we may happen that the pressure of the pressure regulating valve is normal but the high-pressure water gun does not produce water or the water jet from the high-pressure nozzle is irregular and scattered. This indicates that the high-pressure nozzle is blocked by foreign matter, and the high-pressure nozzle needs to be removed for cleaning.
7, the high-pressure pipe vibrates
When it is running, the high-pressure pipe vibrates violently, which indicates that the valve is in disorder and needs to be re-pressurized.
During the use process, as long as we pay attention to the usual maintenance and regularly check the machine, we can reduce the failure of the high-pressure cleaner.

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