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Why do we need to deep clean and sanitize car’s interior?

Clean the cars at your home, no queuing under the sun is required
If you care about your car, you should avoid those quickie car washes with the big brushes that can do more harm than good. Besides, you will never be told what type of cleaners which are being put on your cars.

With CUMOND steam car washer, we demonstrate the highest standard to clean and sanitize your car for both exterior and interior. We use the aircraft grade cleaners which is safe for washing body, alloy wheels and carbonized parts.

Why do we need to deep clean and sanitize car’s interior?
Car’s interior can be excellent allergens breading grounds. Allergens like dust, moulds and bacteria etc. get accumulate in the seats, upholstery, dashboard, floorboards and carpets to make the air you’re breathing more polluted than ever. The best way to reduce this type of pollution inside the car is to switch to non-toxic services and products like our steam cleaning machine. Deep clean the car’s interior regularly (i.e. at least twice a year) can improve your family health, keep your family away from allergy and bacterial infection.

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