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The steam car washer adopts a flexible cleaning method to meet the needs of multi-scene cleaning

The steam car washing machine uses liquefied gas to burn to generate heat, heats the tap water in the core heat exchanger, and expands the volume of the tap water to generate pressure. These pressurized steam is sprayed from the steam spray gun through the pipeline to form a vehicle washing machine. Steam, in this process, there are both physical and chemical changes. After tap water is sublimated into steam, the volume expands sharply, and the washable area increases. Therefore, the entire car can be cleaned with only a few liters of water.
The steam car washing machine adopts flexible cleaning and uses the principle of steam thermal degradation to combine, soften, expand and separate the dirt attached to the surface of the car with soft steam, and then use a clean rag to remove the remaining dirt and a little water stain; steam cleaning has It helps to protect the paint surface, clean the gaps, and has less water content without damaging the circuit. It can effectively clean the car engine, instrument panel, air conditioning port and other parts; while steaming and drying, the car can be cleaned smoothly in one process , The operation is simpler and faster.
There are many ways of car cleaning, each with its own advantages and disadvantages; but steam cleaning is the cleaning method most conducive to the protection of car paint, the most versatile cleaning method, and the most environmentally friendly cleaning method.
Applicable place for steam car washing machine
·External cleaning of the vehicle (no wastewater, no sewage treatment system).
·Dry cleaning in the car (deodorization, sterilization, antibacterial, disinfection and cleaning) and engine cleaning.
·Vehicle repair shops, car washes, auto beauty shops, gas stations, transportation companies, etc.
·Cleaning company, housekeeping services (indoor steam disinfection, mattress cleaning, sofa cleaning, carpet cleaning, etc.).
·Shopping malls, communities, hotels, office buildings, stations, docks, airports and other large and medium-sized parking spaces, no noise pollution, can be operated at night or in the morning

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